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Protect each other with the 1 Million Euro MASK
Protect each other with the 1 Million Euro MASK

Cool Comfort Tees — Eco & Fair

Discover new T-Shirts with an airy, light fit, made from breathable materials with cooling properties.

MenSummer 20

Photography by
Lucas Christiansen

Our AANTONIO LINEN made of organic cotton-linen mix — soft, light, robust and dirt-repellent . Unlike conventional linen, organic linen does not use any chemical pesticides, fertilizers or genetic engineering.

Our T-Shirts MAATZE UND MAANI with comfortable fit are extra wide and airy. They are durable classics consisting of 100% high-quality organic cotton.


Lucas Christiansen

Lucas Christiansen is a talented, young photographer originally from Berlin. Growing up between in Denmark and South Germany he developed his passion for photography, which led him to study photography at Lette Verein. There he combined technical skills with his extraordinary sense of photography. Lucas captures his distinctive style and own visual language with different cameras, combining digital and analogue photography. He is pure energy spreading happiness on the set . Always infectiously good-humoured he brings us joy while working with him.

Enjoy and get inflamed by his work.